Nicholas Cowley - Creative Director/Owner - Melcro Industries

Nicholas Cowley - Creative Director/Owner

About Melcro

Melcro Industries develops and delivers high quality, custom websites, video presentations, graphic assets, and much more. Located in Dallas, Texas, Melcro Industries provides services for small and large companies, organizations, causes, and independent artists.

Melcro Services:

Videography, Photography, Weddings, Celebrations, Corporate Events, Flash Animation, Motion Graphics, Internet Site Production, Multimedia Presentations, Web Banners, Widgets, Audio Recording, High Definition Audio, Lighting for Photography and Video, Marketing Campaigns, Social Network Integration, High Definition Video Presentations, Demonstration Video Production, Voiceovers, Acting Talent, Agency Work, Post-Production, Editing, Disc Reproduction, Authoring, Photo Restoration, Advanced Digital Solutions, Interactive Applications, Software Installation and Configuration, Data Security, Technical Services, Support for PC & Mac, Promotions, Advertisements, Billboards, and more.

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So… What is a Melcro?

If Nicholas Cowley had a nickel for every time he was asked that question, he would have about 37 bucks… He would also be making money in a way, that to most people, would be considered ‘odd’ to say the least.

The truth is, the name MELCRO was coined by Cowley as a phrase to describe the moment where intention is revealed, and the eventuality and outcome are obvious… Essentially, it’s the light bulb moment where everything makes perfect since. Nicholas Cowley was extremely please to later learn that the domain was available for purchase.

Melcro Industries, LLC was conceptualized in 1999, but not incorporated until much later. The domain was purchased sometime in May of 2000, and works were put in motion for Nicholas Cowley to make the transition into self employment… or as he calls it, “L-I-V-I-N!”

After coming to the harsh realization that most of the people or companies he had worked for were not utilizing (and had no intention to utilize) his creative and intuitive efforts, Nicholas made the decision to put his foot forward. Once this grim assessment was made, Nicholas started pouring efforts into finding a way to make a living producing multimedia assets.

Nicholas is the sole proprietor of Melcro industries, LLC, and performs the vast majority of all work produced and delivered to clients. From time to time the scope or magnitude of a project will require cooperation with other developers in order to achieve optimum results. Because of the limited amount of time available in a 24 hour period, and the fact that Nicholas is responsible for all work output, some effective scheduling and planning are required for success.

Aside from long walks on the beach, reading a book by candlelight, believing that truth, not necessity, is the mother of invention, and lending a helping hand to those in need, Nicholas Cowley, Owner and Creative Director of Melcro Industries, LLC enjoys writing about his company and himself in the third person.