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Web Development by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Web Development

Your website is the first place that new customers will look to before deciding to consume, contract, or consign. If the information about your company and the services or products provided is not properly conveyed, it is probable that some business could be lost to competitors with a solidified web presence. Some recent technological advances have made web development possible for even the most novice users. Unfortunately, these advances have produced a culture of do-it-yourself web warriors, which has resulted in less than adequate website production for many small and medium-sized businesses. Melcro Industries produces affordable custom web applications unlike anyone else.
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Flash Motion Graphics Services by Melcro Industries - Mulitmedia Development

Flash & Motion Graphics

Contrary to recent public opinion and blog debates, Flash is not going anywhere anytime soon. By that we mean that HTML5 , Silverlight, and any other tool that is currently available, just do not have the development capabilities that Flash already obtains. It is the opinion of this developer that much of the debate surrounding this development technology is due to the anti-advocates fear the unknown. Flash is THE ONE AND ONLY tool to effectively and efficiently display data, images, video, sound on the web… And we know how to use it.
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Video Production Services Offered by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Video Production

Informative and demonstrative video presentations can say more to a targeted audience than all other available mediums. Effectively communicating an intended purpose through a combination of imagery and audio is the absolute best method of marketing any product, service or purpose. Melcro Industries offers a full range of video production services, including: pre-production planning, script & storyboard, scheduling, location and talent scouting, equipment, cast & crew procurement, film & digital video recording, audio recording, foley production, voiceovers, audio engineering, editing, color correction, motion graphics, visual effects, compression & optimization, disc authoring, and more.
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Graphic Design Services by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the process of combining imagery, text, and emotion to relate a specific purpose to a targeted audience. Value added graphic design contains a perfect balance of artistic intuition and understanding of the subject matter. With the availability of an enormously wide range of design tools, nearly anyone can slap some text over an image and call it design, but the difference and significance of choosing a professional should be obvious at first glance. Melcro Industries has the experience necessary to develop and deliver stunning graphic creations at a fraction of the cost of most major ad agencies. Contact Melcro Industries to begin developing your next graphic design project.
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Print Production Services by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Print Production

Brochures, leave-behinds, one-sheets, newletters, pamphlets flyers, business cards, vehicle decor, and marketing packages are all excellent ways to inform customers of news and up coming promotions. The proper design execution of these materials will make a lasting impression on viewers, readers and potential clients. Melcro Industries produces one of a kind marketing assets with original graphic creations, photographs, and other non-template based tools. The outcome for these type of marketing tools is a collection of stunning promotional paraphernalia that identifies the purpose and intent of any organization. Contact Melcro Industries to begin developing your next print production project.
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Audio Engineering Services by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Audio Engineering

Some audio is captured on set, some is over-dubbed later, some is created in a studio, and some can be purchased as a stock licensed product. Melcro Industries creates original scores, foley, sound effects, and more. A combination of music composition, theme, and pace are utilized to develop unique audio creations. Original audio creations are developed on an individual basis, and can be contracted separately, or as an inclusive package with other multimedia products. Melcro Industries is an authorized audio reseller for
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Photography Services by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development


Melcro Industries provides photography services on a limited basis, and reserves the right to refuse work based due to fluctuating workloads. Services include: Portrait (Studio or Location), Live Capture, Product Photography, Property & Real Estate, Stop Motion, Time Lapse, Long Exposure, Wedding & Event Photography, and much more. While video capture can provide essential assets for some projects, stop motion photography removes production limitations and opens the door for more imaginative creations. It can be a time consuming process and the post production edits can be nightmarish, but overall it offers a unique approach to conveying purpose. Contact us to book a photography session today.
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Physical Creations & Artwork by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Physical Creations

Artwork and other physical creations are available by consignment only from Melcro Industries. All creations are the work of Nicholas Cowley, Owner and Creative Director of Melcro Industries. The Physical Creations provided by Melcro Industries are great for birthday gifts, special occasions, home and office decor, and more. Melcro Industries reserves the right to refuse any work due to fluctuating workloads and pending deadlines for other projects. Contact Melcro Industries today to consign and original artwork for a friend, family member, or yourself.
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Uncatagorizable Services by Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development


Nicholas Cowley (Owner & Creative Director of Melcro Industries) is a big nerd, as well as a fan of the 1990′s TV show, X-Files. According to Nicholas, Fox Mulder often said, ‘There are things in this world that cannot be easily categorized or referenced.’ Well… these are some of those things. It may seem something as simple as a photo at first glance… but look a little closer. There is a reason each piece was placed in this category. If you have an uncatagorizable project in the making, and need to help of a craft professional, contact Melcro Industries today.
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