Melcro Industries - Multimedia Development

Melcro Industries develops and delivers high quality, custom websites, video presentations, graphic assets, and much more. Located in Dallas, Texas, Melcro Industries provides services for small and large companies, organizations, causes, and independent artists.

Melcro Industries provides the following services:

Videography, Photography, Weddings, Celebrations, Corporate Events, Flash Animation, Motion Graphics, Internet Site Production, Multimedia Presentations, Web Banners, Widgets, Audio Recording, High Definition Audio, Lighting for Photography and Video, Marketing Campaigns, Social Network Integration, High Definition Video Presentations, Demonstration Video Production, Voiceovers, Acting Talent, Agency Work, Post-Production, Editing, Disc Reproduction, Authoring, Photo Restoration, Advanced Digital Solutions, Interactive Applications, Software Installation and Configuration, Data Security, Technical Services, Support for PC & Mac, Promotions, Advertisements, Billboards, and more. Please visit the Melcro Industries social networks sites. MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, The Melcro Multimedia Blog

Web Design & Development

HTML, PHP, CSS, ASP, JAVA, MYSQL, Flash, are just a few of the programming languages and applications in use by Melcro Industries. From a simple one page microsite to a closed loop ecommerce solution, no job is too big or too small. The pricing structure for the services provided by Melcro Industries is quite affordable and effective in comparison to larger ad agencies. Projects can be contracted hourly, bid out as a lump sum, and retainers are available for on-going maintenance and updates.

Flash Development

Regardless of what Steve Jobs says, Flash is not going away anytime soon. Melcro Industries develops affordable Flash applications that provide a stunning theme for any type of web project. Utilizing both PC and Macintosh platforms, the creative professionals at Melcro Industries ensure that each project is viewable in all of the major internet browsers. Interactive Flash Applications merge creativity with functionality and give users the incentive to return to your website. You may not be able to view it on an iPhone, but when you have the time to get to a 'real computer' you will immediately notice the difference.

Video Production

Melcro Industries develops unique motion graphics, interactive Flash applications, and video production assets for web, TV, disc, or presentation. Video production duties including script writing, storyboards, lighting, film capture, post-production and authoring are all available from one source. Not only are all functions provided in-house, but Melcro Industries keeps a low overhead, which results in very competitive pricing.

Video Marketing

Websites with motion graphics and video have a better chance of having an impact on the viewer than sites with still images and text. Demonstrative video presentations easily convey accurate content to a targeted audience in ways that static information simply cannot. No searching or reading necessary. If the old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is true, then video has to be worth at least 30,000 words per second.