Graphic Design by Melcro Industries

Graphic Design is the process of combining imagery, text, and emotion to relate a specific purpose to a targeted audience. Value added graphic design contains a perfect balance of artistic intuition and understanding of the subject matter. With the availability of an enormously wide range of design tools, nearly anyone can slap some text over an image and call it design, but the difference and significance of choosing a professional should be obvious at first glance.

Logos, Branding and Identity

Branding and identity convey your company's purpose and intention. A logo and branding campaign shapes the perception your clients have of your organization. From the copy created to describe your company and services, to the logo selected for identity - image is everything. Melcro Industries knows the value behind this concept and develops unique marketing tools to showcase and promote the most important features of our client's organizations. Creating a distinguished brand personalities is what we do best.

Signage and Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, banners and promotional signage are great promotional tools if utilized properly. Outdoor advertising and branded signage helps to solidify the connection between products and services and the end user or consumer. Melcro Industries designs and produces these items with fast turnaround times and at very competitive price points. Design, production and placement all play an equal part in the successful execution of any campaign. Contact Melcro Industries to implement your next outdoor campaign.

Tradeshow Graphics and Promotional Tools

The exhibit booth is the centerpiece of any tradeshow presence. As well as attracting visitors with a clear and concise message that demands attention from across the convention floor, it needs to instantly convey purpose and intention with eye-popping imagery. To get the absolute best value out of your trade show investment, a uniform marketing plan should be produced in conjunction with the intended theme of your marketing pitch. Exhibitions and table-top venues offer a tremendous opportunity to meet your target audience personally and generate leads. Melcro Industries provides the essential tools to guaranty a successful tradeshow presence.

Presentations, Reports and Publications

We have all heard the saying, "you only have one chance to make a first impression." Well it's true, so you better make it a good one. Melcro Industries provides a professional experience producing stunning rich-media presentations. Understanding the importance of making a great first impression is essential. Melcro Industries takes the time to create an engaging presentation for maximum impact so you do not have to waste precious resources trying to do it yourself. Presentations, pitches and reports are a critical element of any organization's communication repertoire. These media assets need to be functionally impressive as well as precise and to the point. Successfully integrating Flash, motion graphics, video, audio, and original graphic creations break the mold for the typical the flat, static and cluttered presentation.

Print, Production and Marketing Tools

Brochures and Newsletters

Brochures, leave-behinds, one-sheets, newletters, pamphlets and marketing packages are an excellent way to inform customers of news and up coming promotions. The proper design execution of these materials will make a lasting impression on viewers, readers and potential clients. Melcro Industries produces one of a kind marketing assets with original graphic creations, photographs, and other non-template based tools. The outcome for these type of marketing tools is a collection of stunning promotional paraphernalia that identifies the purpose and intent of any organization.

Business Cards, Flyers, Posters and More

Similar to brochures and newsletters, business cards, flyers, posters and pamphlets are essential to an effective marketing campaign. Automated software or online applications often try to convince novice users that they can design these items without the assistance of a professional. The result of this process typically results in an inferior final product as well as several hours wasted in the production time. When faced with this fact, it is easy to see that design, production and delivery are best left to the professionals. For your next big marketing push, contact the professionals at Melcro Industries to make a positive impact with measurable results that matter. All marketing materials are offered as individual items and all-inclusive packages with discounted rate plans.

Packaging Development

So you have a news product that is ready for production, but you need something to put it in... Don't just settle for a plain old cardboard box or paper bag. Melcro Industries designs and develops original and creative solutions for product packaging. From full color gloss print to intentionally minimalist designs, the perfect solution for packaging is just around the corner. From concept to final product, Melcro Industries has the resources to produce any type of packaging.

Disc Jackets, Covers, Labels and Much More

Melcro Industries provides all essential design and production elements of disc manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Whether it is just the front cover jacket design, or the full package production, there is an affordable and easy solution available to our clients. Melcro Industries also provides design and production services for a wide range of market tools, such as: USB drives, discs, t-shirts, packaging, pens and stationery, magnets, drinkwear, calendars, clocks and much more. Your company or organization can highlight their services with just about any type of promotional give-away. Contact Melcro Industries to discuss schematics for your next set of marketing tools.

Motion Graphics

Flash Development

What is Flash? Flash is a development tool (originally created by Macromedia, then purchased by Adobe) that allows for a seamless combination of text, graphics, audio, video and amazing custom user interfaces. There's a lot of hubbub in the blogosphere about Flash and competing technologies. Some seem to think that is is going to be replaced by HTML5 or Microsoft Silverlight, or that it just won't work for their site. Most of the chatter heard by programmers and anti-advocates is fear based. They don't know how to use it, so they use it as a scapegoat to mask their inferior knowledge of the tool. All we have to say it that we know how to use this tool effectively and efficiently, and it's not going away any time soon. For original Flash creations from developers you can actually pick up the phone and talk to, contact Melcro Industries at your earliest convenience.

Animation & Motion Graphics

An object in motion demands attention. Dancing babies and a chubby kid with a light-saber were just the beginning. Motion graphics, and many types of animation can easily be implemented into websites and video presentations to enhance the overall user experience. The possibilities are limitless. From Flash banners to video presentations, motion graphics play an integral role in conveying a message to a targeted audience. Melcro Industries produces affordable motion graphics for a wide range of media projects.

Optimization and Compression

Optimization and compression for images, video, Flash projects, disc production, and audio is almost considered an art form. Almost every site that sells advertising space has a list of rules and restrictions for file size and image resolution. Incorrect methods of compression and optimization will result in unclear images, muted text, and a loss of the overall message behind the media. Melcro Industries has the experience necessary to reduce a 1MB high-resolution file to less than 40kB for a final product. Not only can we reduce the size, but the resolution and clarity are rarely compromised for the end result. Melcro Industries has worked with a number of advertising vendors to place ads all throughout the world. To properly optimize assets your next marketing campaign, contact Melcro Industries today.

Photography Services

Product Photography

Professional product photography involves a little more than a point and click. Melcro Industries has the tools and experience necessary to create stunning images of just about any product; big or small. From commercial real estate, to the tiny pieces of hand-crafted jewelry, we have an eye for detail as well as the technical knowledge to produce a valuable image. Professional product photography can be achieved in a studio, on location, in live action and in most realistic scenarios. Color correction and image editing and refinement is a must for across the board consistency, but we handle that as well. Our rates are quite competitive, and what's even better is that we deliver all high resolution final images to our clients free of copyright restrictions. Contact Melcro Industries to schedule a product photography session for your next project.

Color Correction, Editing, Restoration and More

Once an photograph is captured using professional photography equipment, there still is much to be done to enhance the image. Color correction, photo editing, and photo restoration combine a number a techniques to produce stunning, dynamic imagery. There are tons of 'user-friendly' editing applications that often use the term 'auto' to describe the action taken. Melcro Industries does not auto-balance, auto-color, or auto-adjust any of the images we enhance. A healthy balance of professional filters and modifications will always result in a better image than an automated process can deliver. No job is too big or too small. We accept projects involving one photograph or a series of thousands of images.

Portraits and Studio Photography Sessions

In addition to special events and product photography, Melcro industries offers portraits and studio photography sessions. Having control of external elements often makes the difference in an exceptional image compared to the run-of-the-mill point and click. Lighting, props, and composition can be configured to create any type of mood or theme. These type of photography shoots typically involve extensive planning and coordination, so be sure to book your session ahead of time.

Wedding Photography and Special Events

Melcro Industries provides photography and videography for a wide range of celebrations and special events. Our services include, but are not exclusive to: weddings, celebrations, corporate events, tradeshows, live performances and more. The biggest benefit (other than an extremely affordable price) is that we deliver refined photographs and video footage free of copyright restrictions or legal limitations. This means once you buy it, it is yours to use over and over again without additional compensation.