What's In Your Website???

Your website is the first place that new customers will look to before deciding to consume, contract, or consign. If the information about your company and the services or products provided is not properly conveyed, it is probable that some business could be lost to competitors with a solidified web presence. Some recent technological advances have made web development possible for even the most novice users. Unfortunately, these advances have produced a culture of do-it-yourself web warriors, which has resulted in less than adequate website production for many small and medium-sized businesses. Melcro Industries produces custom web applications unlike anyone else.

Strategy and Work Flow

An effective and efficient approach to the development any website or online application has a direct bearing on the success and projected work flow for the entire project. A meticulous approach coupled with careful planning will ensure a streamlined process. Melcro Industries utilizes a standard operating procedure to ensure each project is implemented successfully while staying on schedule for the projected delivery date.

Web Development by Melcro Industries

Website Design and Development Services

A successful site contains a healthy combination of design, development, strategy, marketing, increasing sales and maximizing banding and identity. Melcro offers the full gamut of professional web design services which include: single page web sites, small business websites, corporate web sites, micro sites, shopping carts, e-commerce web site, Adobe Flash multimedia applications and all integral elements of standard web site design. Melcro Industries develops handcrafted, creative web applications that simply are not offered by large ad agencies for development firms. Our primary focus is to help your business grow while making you look better.

Website Re-Designs and Makeovers

With pre-existing content, a website re-design is a little easier. Melcro Industries adapt content from previously developed web applications for the majority of clients who already have established businesses. Site re-designs and site makeovers involve taking an existing site or application and creating new graphics, skins or styles to provide a new appeal for returning visitors. This is often a valuable undertaking when comparing the cost versus re-development or a new site production. From something as simple as freshening up fonts, skins and graphics, to developing style sheets so that future content can be easily modified and implemented; Melcro Industries provides all services related to website production, design, and development. For an estimate on site re-design services, visit our pricing & packages page, or contact us directly.

Landing Pages and Microsites

So you have an idea for a site, but you don't quite have all the details worked out. Or... you need to have an immediate web presence for a new product or service to take advantage of emerging and trending markets. Within a few hours, Melcro Industries can setup new domains, design an attractive landing page, upload to the internet, and start an immediate tracking of data. Microsites are often the best alternative to developing a 20-30 page dynamic web application. A website consisting of 2-5 pages will take a much less time and resources to develop, and it comes with a fraction of the total involved cost as well. Delivery times for new projects depend on current work load, but are generally completed in less than one week. Landing pages and microsites are ideal for: performance artists, short term marketing campaigns, special events, multiple or bulk domain forwarding, non-profit organizations and charitable causes, fund-raising, weddings and announcements, movies and films, and much more.

E-Commerce Solutions

So you want to sell something online??? Melcro Industries can help get you started without wasting time and paying for services you don't need. There are several different options for shopping cart system implementations. Depending on what you are selling, where you are selling it, and at what volume you will be selling, there is a proper solution for each combination of needs. Melcro Industries develops e-commerce systems for organizations small and large, but the approach differs for each project.

Content Management and Search Engine Optimization

Content Management Systems

Melcro Industries has experience with various CMS to provide our clients with the necessary tools to edit and update content on their websites. With little to no web programming knowledge required, updating and modifying content on most sites is now easier than ever. The limitless choices for content management systems allow for the delivery of immediate results through a seamless series of application implementations and integrations. CMS can be integrated into existing sites as an addition or as a complete robust application.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization campaigns provide great insight on information pertaining to the flow of traffic to and from your web applications. Melcro Industries use this data to analyze, interpret and implement the best model for driving and retaining traffic rates to your site. Campaigns involve an initial setup and optimization, followed by a minimum six month commitment to collect data and re-configure the site for optimal search preferences. Continuing campaigns are offered on a six month basis. Short term optimization, which is typically deadline oriented, must be considered on a per project basis. Pricing and terms are subject to circumstantial changes.

Social Media Integration and Blog Development

Social Media Integration is a valuable and effective method of branding your organization and distributing information about news, promotions, products, services, marketing campaigns and much more. Melcro Industries designs and creates forums, polls, Blogs, MySpace Pages, YouTube Channels, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter Pages, Linked-in Networks, Tagged Profiles, and builds social media network pages to help you create the buzz around your brand and identity. Blogs have become an important component of a successful website for user interaction and participation. Utilizing cutting edge CMS templates and stunning custom components, Melcro Industries' blog development services provide effective and efficient solutions to make your site standout in the blogosphere.

Copy Writing and Short Copy

One of the most overlooked elements of website development is the process of creative unique original copy (the verbiage displayed on the site). Not only is this important because it is the actual content your viewers are reading, but it directly relates to the relevance of search engine queries and the ranking of your site with directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Melcro Industries works in collaboration with your organization to ensure the creation of effective and poignant copy for your website, marketing materials, and related items. Short copy creation (tag lines, bullets, highlights) is also provided as a service, and helps identify the purpose and intent behind your organization.

Flash Development

Original Flash Application Development

Contrary to recent public opinion and blog debates, Flash is not going anywhere anytime soon. By that we mean that HTML5 , Silverlight, and any other tool that is currently available, just do not have the development capabilities that Flash already obtains. It is the opinion of this developer that much of the debate surrounding this development technology is due to the anti-advocates fear the unknown. Flash is THE ONE AND ONLY tool to effectively and efficiently display data, images, video, sound and more... And we know how to use it.

Customizable Flash Games and Promotion Sites

Custom interactive Flash applications are very useful for retaining the attention of returning site visitors and promotions for marketing campaigns. Games similar to Whack-a-Mole, Where's Waldo, Simon, and other common classics can easily be modified to match your brand/identity or marketing campaign. Promotional tools for contests are one of the best ways to utilize these type of applications. The results can be base on high score, the number of entries, or just random selection. The possibilities are really limitless, but the end result is that you gather current and valid information about your customer base, and have the potential for new sales opportunities.

Marketing Campaigns & Effective Promotion Tools

Interactive Learning & Marketing Tools

From auto-start applications to promote your product or service, to interactive Discs/Flash-Drives/Online Applications with custom user interfaces, audio, video, flash animation, links to your web site and more. Melcro Industries creates custom marketing tools, tutorials, testing systems, games, and more to entertain and educate your target audience. Mundane communication tools do not properly convey the purpose or intention of your company or organization, especially if you are trying to utilize internal staff to create this media. Often this results in an inferior final product as well as a waste of company resources.

Web-Based Training

Web-based training and interactive applications are a value added service that are engineered to assist in the education and informative marketing of a product, service, procedure and more. Every new tutorial, unique message or interactive application requires an experienced creative hand, a complete understanding of the message being conveyed, and a diligent collaborative effort. Melcro Industries integrates these disciplines, trades, talents and technologies to deliver content and serve your business objectives in ways that are just not offered by cookie-cutter production companies. Our hands-on approach sets us apart from the 'competition.'

Demonstrative Video Presentations

Video production has been a part of rich content sites for quite sometime now. From commercials to demonstrative videos highlighting a particular feature, service or product functionality. Melcro Industries produces vibrant and effective video presentations for broadcast, disc production, presentation and reporting, web integration and more. Our in-house, turn-key approach allows production cost to stay well below the cost of most as agencies and production firms. We provide the full range of services from storyboards, script development, motion graphics, location and studio production, post-production services, voiceovers, talent placement, and much more.

Hosting, Email, Database and Domain Solutions

Hosting and Domain Solutions

There are literally hundreds of options for hosting your website domain and related services. Melcro Industries leases secure servers to house our clients websites, applications, and secure data, as well as our internal support systems, website and archived backups. Most web hosting and domain registrars claim 100% up time, but we know that realistically there is always a chance for data loss, downtime, system glitches or broken data lines. We do everything within our power to ensure consistency in operations and performance

Corporate Email Management

Melcro Industries provides affordable email management solutions for companies with 1 to 250 users. In addition to setup, maintenance, storage, support and most other aspect involved with internal email system, We also develop direct mail, newsletter template creation and email marketing tools to easily disseminate current company information. Allowing Melcro Industries to manage this aspect of your business frees up valuable resources, and lowers the cost of information technology support

Database Structure and Security

Melcro Industries develops database structures to collect, retain, sort, and disseminate information to and from your website or online application. A practical approach to this type of project is needed to ensure a proper logistic framework and a streamlined process. Once this initial outline of the desired end result is understood, the most efficient solution is then put into action. The security of your collected information is always a valid concern. Melcro Industries utilizes the latest safety and security procedures to ensure protection of your valued data.