Full Service Video Production by Melcro Industries

Melcro Industries offers a full range of video production services, including: pre-production planning, script and storyboard development, scheduling, location and talent scouting, equipment, cast and crew procurement, film and digital video recording, audio recording, foley production, voiceovers, audio engineering, editing, color correction, motion graphics, visual effects, compression and optimization, disc and auto-start authoring, and more.

Pre-Production Services

Production Planning and Scheduling

Prior to beginning production or filming any video project, pre-production planning and scheduling efforts are coordinated to ensure a seamless work flow throughout the project. Collaborative brainstorming sessions are held with clients so that the developed content and theme are aligned with the intended purpose of the video. Pre-production tasks include: scheduling, script development and refinement, storyboard creation, location and talent scouting, and procurement of all necessary equipment, props and crew members, and budgeting.

Script and Storyboard Development

Any effective video, film, commercial or presentation starts with the development of the script. Melcro Industries works in collaboration with clients to assess relative information and then transform that data into a rough script. Several alterations and modifications are expected as refinements come into fruition. Once the script is developed, storyboards are created to assist in the production process and display a visual framework for the project.

Location and Talent Scouting

Utilizing a plethora of resources for acting, modeling, and voice talent, Melcro Industries can locate and procure the perfect talent fit for just about any production scenario. Similar to scouting talent, location and/or studio scouting and procurement is an essential element of pre-production. Making all the necessary arrangements to film on location is important to ensure there are no snags or delays in production. Melcro Industries also has access to large scale, full production studios near downtown Dallas.

Equipment, Crew and Location Procurement

Selecting the proper equipment, crew and location for filming, lighting, and audio recording will determine the overall quality of any video production. A combination of production experience and technical knowledge is necessary for cast, crew, and any one else on set. Melcro Industries has the required resources, as well as a network of reputable local vendors, to deliver superior results and spectacular video productions at an affordable cost.

Video Production Services

Direction and Production

On set production, as well as location video shoots, well planned and coordinated efforts are executed by the Director and/or Producer. Production Assistants, Grips, Gaffers, Best Boys all assist in these efforts, but these skills and laborers need direct communication and proper management to accomplish their initiatives. Melcro Industries has appropriated the necessary skills and experience to ensure a streamlined production process, as well as manifest superior video assets.

Lighting and Set Development

Lighting and set production are the most important elements of the production process. Audio can be over-dubbed, colors can be corrected, but you simply cannot fix a bad lighting scenario in post production. Sure, some minor adjustments can be without distortion, but a proper light scheme and clever composition of the set makes all the difference for the final product. Melcro Industries has the experience to ensure a stunning result for the combo nation of these elements.

Audio Capture and Engineering

Some audio is captured on set, some is over-dubbed later, some is created in a studio, and some can be purchased as a stock licensed product. Melcro Industries creates original scores, foley, sound effects, and more. A combination of music composition, theme, and pace are utilized to develop unique audio creations. Melcro Industries is an authorized audio reseller for istockphoto.com

On Site Production Tests

From time to time there are glitches over looked during the production process which, unfortunately can lead to having to trash hours of work. Melcro Industries uses on site production 'spot checks' and a standardized operating procedure help to ensure that mistakes, glitches and imperfections are not present during recording.

Catering and Amenities

For large scale production shoots lasting longer than four hours, it is customary to provide refreshments or catering service. The cost of this service is included if the budget and scale of production allow for it, but small scale productions this is not necessary. Melcro Industries utilizes local vendors and small businesses to provide these services.

Post Production Services

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

An object in motion demands attention. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just one second of video, animation, or motion graphics are worth up to 3000 words (that's 30fps for us videophiles). In all seriousness, these assets are used everywhere we look and see a video screen. Melcro Industries creates original motion graphic assets and visual effects for video projects, flash applications, animated marketing assets, and any where else they are needed.

Editing and Color Correction

Color correction and video editing are where each project begins to take shape both visually and audibly. Since Melcro Industries provides all services related to the production our video projects, the editing process is streamlined. Melcro Industries is a licensed Adobe Master Collection software owner, and utilizes the professional extended versions of these applications. Along with a few auxiliary filters and hands-on experienced techniques, we possess the necessary tools to deliver astonishing end results.

Audio Engineering, Score, Voiceovers and Sound Effects

Melcro Industries creates original scores, foley, sound effects, and more. Creative Director, Nicholas Cowley, also provides voiceover services in various characters and accents. A combination of music composition, theme, and pace are utilized to develop unique audio creations. In addition to original creations, stock audio clips and scores are available for purchase and continued use. Melcro Industries is an authorized audio reseller for istockphoto.com

Transfer and Conversion

Once the video is compiled, readied for exported, and prepared for authoring, the intended method of delivery needs to be taken into consideration for compression and optimization purposes. If the video is going to be embedded in a website, it would take a completely different range of settings for compression compared to a video intended for broadcast or disc production. Melcro Industries has the tools and experience to transfer and convert video assets for their most optimal performance.

More Video Services

Stop Motion Photography

Stop motion photography removes production limitations and opens the door for more imaginative creations. It can be a time consuming process and the post production edits can be nightmarish, but overall it offers a unique approach to conveying purpose. Melcro Industries produces stop motion photography, stop motion animation, time lapse photography, long exposure photography, and more.

Disc Authoring and Reproduction

Once a video, film, or presentation is created there are several options for distribution and author based navigation playback. DVD menus and auto start applications are the first thing a view will see before the project is launched. We have probably all seen a disc menu that was noticeably horrible and improperly executed, and to the contrary we have probably all seen menus and layouts there we pleasing and quite user friendly. Melcro Industries makes authored menus with a minimalist approach. This helps the user to not be overwhelmed with information and not find the interface objectionable.

Slideshows and Celebration Videos

Melcro Industries produces one-of-a-kind slideshows, celebration videos, and special interest presentations. Due to the personalized nature and time involved for these type of projects, we require advanced booking and coordination. To see how we can make your next special event even more special, contact Melcro Industries today to discuss the possibilities.

Wedding Videography and Special Events

Melcro Industries provides photography and videography services for weddings, celebrations, and special events. Each occasion is planned with the same scrutiny and attention to detail as any other project. Due to the covert nature of camera and operator placement as well as compliance with ceremony restrictions these events may require an event coordinator to ensure proper communication. These events must be booked at least 60 days prior, and a deposit or advance payment may be required.