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Melcro Industries, located in Dallas, Texas, develops original web applications, video presentations and films, custom Flash projects, and a wide range of additional multimedia products. Started in 2002 by sole proprietor, Nicholas Cowley, Melcro Industries produces high-quality multimedia creations for business, artists, non-profits, and individuals in Central North Texas and beyond. Utilizing only domestic labor (we never out-source), we have adopted a hands-on approach for development. We build lasting relationships with our clients so that we understand the full scope of operations of their organization. The better we know what you do, the services we provide become more relative and effective for your business. Our mission is simple: Melcro Industries produces uniquely creative multimedia assets to help businesses grow and prosper. Appearance is definitely important, but at the end of the day, the bottom line is more important. We develop and deliver the necessary tools to get results for your investment. Contact Melcro Industries today to learn how we can help your business or organization reach their goals.

Services Provided by Melcro Industries

Web Development

Providing a full range of web design and development services at reasonable rates. From landing pages and microsites, to robust dynamic applications, we have the resources and experience to produce effective and functional solutions for any web project. Web Development Keywords: Multimedia, Web Design, Flash, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Database, Blogs, CMS, SEO, Interactive Learning, Web-Based Training, E-Commerce, Video Presentations, Copy Writing, Re-Designs, Makeovers, Social Media Integration.

Graphic Design

Producing affordable and effective graphic design solutions for organizations of any size or structure. From Flash banners and static advertisements, to print production and all-inclusive marketing materials, Melcro Industries delivers assets with speedy turnaround times. Graphic Design Keywords: Logos, Brandings, Identity, Signage, Outdoor Advertising, Tradeshow Graphics, Presentations, Reports, Publications, Newsletters, Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Packaging, Disc Jackets, Covers and Labels, Flash, Animation, Motion Graphics, Optimization and Compression, Photography Services, Weddings, Portraits, Product Photography.

Video Production

From pre-production planning to the final steps of post-production and delivery, Melcro Industries creates stunning video presentations, short films, commercials, and more. Video Production Keywords: Film, Digital, High Definition, 1080p, Audio Engineering, Voiceovers, Score, Lighting, Set Production, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Color Correction, Editing, Transfer and Conversion, Stop Motion, Disc Authoring, Reproduction, Slideshows, Weddings, Videography.

Photography Services

Melcro Industries offers a full spectrum of photography services for a personal and corporate occasions. Photography Services Keywords: SLR, Digital, Portraits, Product Photography, Restoration, Lighting, Composition, Color Correction, Editing, Photoshop, Stop Motion, Studio, Location, Weddings, Events, Live Performance, Videography.

Flash Development and Motion Graphics

Affordable Flash applications from a local developer that you can actually talk to. Melcro Industries has over 10 years of experience developing Flash applications and motion graphics. Flash Development Keywords: Motion Graphics, Animation, Widgets, Dynamic, Banners, Slideshow, Video, Embed, Games, Microsites and Landing Pages, Headers, Optimization and Compression, Macromedia, Adobe, HTML5, Silverlight, XML, Flash Reader for iPhone.

Hosting, Email and Domain Solutions

Melcro Industries provides hosting, email and domain solutions for small and medium-size businesses. Plans and packages start as low as $15 per month. Hosting, Email and Domain Keywords: Business Email Hosting, Website Hosting, Domain Registrar, Support, MySQL Database, FTP, SEO, CMS, Server.

Areas of Service

Melcro Industries is located in Dallas, Texas - Office Phone: (972) 855-8665

We serve most areas in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, but are not limited to specifically to this area. Virtual meetings and travel arrangements can always be made for the right opportunity. To inquire about our services, or to see if Melcro Industries is a good match for your needs, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Contact Melcro Industries

Melcro Industries Contact Information

Melcro Industries, LLC
11502 Rupley Lane
Dallas, Texas 75218
(972) 855-8665 Office

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM
By Appointment Only Please

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